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Who Cares-God can only save them..

During January, I wrote an article on the preparedness of our government and agencies in disaster preparedness (Link>>) in Himalayan region of Asia. And  now we could see the nature’s fury in earthquake and Tsunami in… Continue

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Urban Water and Sanitation: Who cares about Poor?

The city development planning and judicious resource allocation in most of the cities in South Asian countries is a big challenge.  Among the basic amenities, water and sanitation remained the core concern that lead to health problems, livelihood losses and an impediment to economic growth.  Given the population growth and rapid migration from rural to urban areas, the cities… Continue

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How does it Matter to my Social values and Environmental Ethics?

You might have come across, as I, the ‘social values’ and ‘environmental ethics’, while your interaction with people in various organizations and institutions across development sector (d-sector) i.e. social and environmental domains. I am talking about our public sector organizations, civil society groups, research institutions, think tanks, corporate led societies,… Continue

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Lest our ideas are recognized

There are instances when we come through important and practicalthoughts and ideas in profession, while on other hand we come acrossgeneric statements as well.

I was going through a note from an important consultation approachpaper titled ‘Inputs from the Civil Society Consultations on RuralWater and Sanitation for the Approach Paper to Planning Commission’s12th Five Year Plan’, that lead me to read the document at The approach…


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Quest that Change"the veracity of development in Himalayan mountains...

In the New Year, I wish to share my blog with you "Quest that Change"the veracity of development in Himalayan mountains.. at !…


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Food and Nutritional Security in Himalayan Region-Efforts and Innovations

One of the reports of Planning Commission of India in 2006 revealed that, the state of undernourishment of the population, one of poverty’s finer manifestations, is much higher than national average in several Indian mountain states, like-Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Tripura. Similarly, to give an overview of the problems, a study carried out by the Government of India (Department of Agriculture and Cooperation in 2005)  notes that, the mountain states like… Continue

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The Mystery of the Indian Village Water-A Case of Crippling Fluorosis

Indrani and Sanjay, the female and male supervisors of a local NGO, accompanied me to Chaukidar cluster in Padharapur a in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh state in India.

Here, we met a 13-year-old girl Janglee and a boy, 7-year-old Kamal . Both are physically and mentally disabled, and could not even stand on their own for long. Janglee and Kama l cannot play with friends and they move around in acute pain in the limited world of their small hut. Kamal ‘s father works…


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Effective Resourcing to Address Climate Change-Experiences from Himalaya

In the recent Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform ( ) 21-22 October 2010 in Bangkok, a civil society representative from Bangladesh highlighted that, “the NGOs in Bangladesh are flooded with Climate Adaptation Funds”. This statement is an indication that availability and access to adaptation funds is less of an issue for this country and that the more important issue is the careful monitoring of the use of such fund and…


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International Mountain Day 2010 and Himalaya

Many of us celebrated Mountain Day on 11 December 2010. Our congratulations to all of you on this occasion, with the hope that we all could highlight the vital and omni-connectedness of Mountains around the world. We feel that, mountains and its communities will be recognized important as well as vulnerable on various fronts. We have covered the ongoing events around the world on this occasion at:…


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10 Reasons Why the Cancun Talks Will Fail- Marc Gunther

For the next couple of weeks, thousands of government officials, NGOs, environmental activists and reporters will gather in Cancun, Mexico for international climate negotiations, officially known as the Sixteenth Conference of the Parties (COP-16) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) [PDF]. It’s fitting that the talks are being held in a vacation resort, where people go to escape — because only by ignoring what’s happening in the rest of the world is it… Continue

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Cancún-Mountain Trails and Beyond....

The Climate Himalaya Initiative team will be regularly updating the NEWS from Cancún, at its page "Cancún-Mountain Trails", to let mountain community knowthat how important they are in terms of climatic changes, and how seriously they are taken at this global summit.

Till now, we could get only two organizations, those have planned events at COP16, and we are looking forward from organizations and people to let know about such an event,… Continue

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COP16: A Stepping-Stone to Real Climate Action-Reuters

What is proposed at CANCUN from Today 29 Nov onwards to Friday 10 Dec 2010, one needs to observe closely. World tweets around, meets here, discuss the change, debate the issues, concludes the ways and means, take notes for actions.....!

With the disappointment of Copenhagen firmly fixed in the minds

of many, the expectations as to what may be achieved from Cancun… Continue

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