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Documentary film in Jakarta; climate risks in slums

Hello all,

Headed for Jakarta in a couple of weeks to shoot a short documentary on climate related risks in the slums of Jakarta. This means that we are looking at floods, sanitation, violence, health, and anything that just gets worse for slum dwellers as the climate starts to go bonkers. It's however not only gloom and doom, we are looking for positive initiatives, things happening in the community, solutions, etc. What are people in the slums, NGOs and authorities doing to prevent the situation from getting worse?

I will be working with the Red Cross and will be in Jakarta from the 15th of August to the 14 of September.

Looking for information on the situation in slums, climate expertise on Indonesia, urban planners with something to say about poverty, risks and climate, or anything else you may think of in relation to the above.

All ideas welcome!


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