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Migingo Island, the small one-acre rock on Lake Victoria that has for decades belonged to Kenya has been under siege for several months now. It is telling that Kenya's erstwhile neighbour, Uganda chose to militarise the issue, yet the display was purely meant to aggravate long-festering 'war' over control of resources on Africa's largest fresh-water lake.

Please, look forward to the Exclusive story about how real and perceived jealousy made the neighbour to rear its ugly head. I would honestly call for sober debate over this matter since Uganda's aggressive behaviour and Kenya's equally meek-lamb response to the fisheries crisis could spawn a much deadlier battle whose implications could be fatal to East African Community' s goals, regional integration and development.

I am looking forward to your responses in the next few days.

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Comment by Ken Abade on April 21, 2009 at 14:30
When is the exclusive sir? But as i wait, my few questions over the Migingo issue remains:
1.Our 'soon to be government-then' promised just before we removed Moi from power to empower the youth and others by creating 500,000 jobs a yr for them which never has now been replaced by another called 'Kazi kwa Vijana. But from a layman's perspective,aren't we facilitating job losses by our govt's failure to decisively and conclusively solve the Migingo row?
2.When did Uganda suddenly realise Migingo was theirs? And why does Kenya seem so much interested in diplomacy and the EAC much more than the aggressor?
3. When the CGS comes out in a rare press conference to dismiss the row as a non issue, does this mean the military have been operating without regard to any territorial jurisdiction-in other words the military does not know of any borders or landmarks btw Kenya and Uganda on L.Victoria?
4. Or may be the Island was the payoff for alleged Uganda military's participation in Kenya's post poll chaos in Dec 2007? Sounds like a wild question but with the Kenya govt's lukewarm reponse to all this drama, one cant be blamed for thinking so?
Comment by Mary Itumbi Kiio on April 20, 2009 at 11:41
Can't wait for the exclusive. This is one of those issues which initially looked very easy to resolve but with time has proved to be difficult. I wish our relevant leaders would have addressed the issue on time. Many lives continue to be affected as we wait for decisions which are not been rapidly issued. I think its only the fish which are enjoying themselves as this issue continues to drag. Which on the other hand is not such a bad thing.


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